Get Involved!


The Otero STEM initiative aim is to get kids in Otero County involved and excited about math and science by providing exciting, competition based activities to highlight the value of math and science for a future career.  We are focusing this effort in creating a league based around the FIRST™ (For Inspiration of Science and Technology) family of competitions.  We currently have 5 local teams in the FIRST™ Lego League and are working on beginning a couple teams in the FIRST™ Tech Challenge for high school students.  Successfully starting a new team requires three key ingredients: Money, parents, and mentors.  If you would like to help in any one of these ways, please email us at, or go to the donation page on this web site.

Money:  It costs about $800 to start a FIRST™ Lego League Team and about $400 a year to keep it going.  A FIRST™ Tech Challenge team costs a bit more.  Each of the teams can have from 3-10 students.  Asking the kids to pay an entry fee that covers the entire cost severely limits those who would be able to afford to participate, so we have teamed with local businesses and individuals to create sponsorships for teams.  IF you are interested in sponsoring a team, or simply donating and want to learn more about the process, please email us at

Parent Involvement: We’ve found w/o parent involvement the teams do not do as well.  It is a 6 month commitment to the team, so parents must be involved ensuring the child makes it to practices and encouraging them outside of the team meetings.  In addition, it requires at least one caring parent to act as an assistant coach.  The parent does not need any technical background, but must be willing to take the lead at “herding the cats.”  We can team you up with an technical mentor or assistant coach to help with the technical aspects.  If you are interested in starting a team for your child, please email us at

Mentors:  Finally, we need technical mentors for the teams.  Whether you have formal training in science and math, or just love working on cars or computers, you are just what a team needs to provide technical guidance along the way.  Don’t worry if you aren’t used to working with kids, we can team you up with a parent who can help keep the kids focused, all you have to do is learn the basics of Lego Robot Building and programming and pass that information on to the kids.  If you would like to learn more about being a mentor, email us at

There are a lot of ways to get involved; the common theme is the kids of Otero County NEED YOU!  Please contact us today to see how best to use your skill set to help encourage the local youth to get excited about Math and Science!


New Teams are always forming, if you’d like to start your own team or learn more about Alamogordo LEGO™ opportunities, please contact   To learn more about FIRST™.